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Due to the current COVID-19 levels, the majority of in person classes are deferred, apart from our Citywest and Clontarf classes (which are back in the IWA from Monday 22nd March 2021)

Please continue to book our online Zoom classes until we notify you about further reopening of our locations.

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In Person Class Deferral until further notice* 

excluding Citywest & Clontarf classes.

Please click here to see the range of online classes we offer via Zoom in the interim or click here

if you wish to book into the Clontarf classes. 

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Latest News

Launch of ExWell Medical Exercise for Cancer Programmes & ExWell@Home Booklet

April 2021

On Wednesday, April 14th 2021 from 11 am - 12:15 pm we will be hosting the official virtual launch of the ExWell Medical Exercise for Cancer Programmes in partnership with UPMC Ireland and The Mater Misericordiae University Hospital. Also launching that day is the ExWell@Home for Cancer Booklet in association with the Irish Cancer Society.

To register for the virtual launch please click here.

About ExWell Medical

Chronic Illness Exercise Rehabilitation

Dr. Noel McCaffrey would like to welcome you to ExWell Medical (exercise for wellness with medical oversight).

The rationale behind ExWell Medical is that a large proportion of the disability and unwellness that comes with any long term illness is caused by becoming deconditioned. At ExWell we can improve or reverse this with appropriate exercise thereby greatly enhancing a person's quality of life.

ExWell Medical offers community-based supervised exercise classes, as well as home programmes to people with many different long term illnesses. Participants will be encouraged to become fit and active in a friendly, safe and enjoyable environment.


ExWell Medical is an established community-based chronic illness rehabilitation programme. Founder and Medical Director Dr. Noel McCaffrey has been providing supervised exercise classes and nutrition services to patients with a range of chronic illnesses since 2006.


ExWell Medical is a not-for profit company that has over 600 patient visits per week which illustrates the confidence it has gained from local hospital physicians and GPs and boasts a strong and steady referral base. The multi- and inter-disciplinary team has extensive knowledge and experience. ExWell is now in a position to expand to other sites in Ireland.  The ExWell skillset and expertise  allows for the deliver of programmes aimed at increasing physical activity levels in those with chronic illnesses.

Classes run every week in various locations around Ireland. All participants must be referred from a medical professional and complete an induction/baseline assessment which will be booked after the referral is received.

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