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What our participants say

My name is Bernie, I am 79 years young and I have Parkinson's. I love Dancing, cooking, reading, and being out in the fresh air walking or doing the garden. Last March I had my hip replaced and struggled to get back on my feet. I joined ExWell exercise classes, very reluctantly in August. I was worried that I wouldn't be able to keep up with everyone as I had lost my confidence.  3 months on and I am able to Run, never mind walk!! I have regained some confidence and there is more on the way. I now really look forward to these classes and would recommend them to anyone who wants to become more mobile and get a bit fitter along the way. 

"Really enjoy the class, helps with my mental health. I always feel much better after the hour"

"I wasn't active before ExWell. I arrived on crutches and now I don't even use my stick anymore. I think the programme is faboulous and I wish it was here 20 years ago! I can't afford to attend a normal gym but I find this really affordable - but it's also worth so much more to me"

"We have seen massive difference with Mammy doing the ExWell programme. She feels very safe doing the programme. She's happier, she has way more energy and she's fitter to do things then she was before"

"I participate on the exercise program in Tullamore. I feel much stronger since I started the program. I would like to comment on the leaders. They are all wonderful, not just at the exercise class but also about your overall well-being""

"Thank you most sincerly for giving me a new lease of life. I cannot thank you enough. It has been a great pleasure to exercise with you all. I have truly enjoyed every session and I hope to keep going"

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