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How do I take part/refer to ExWell Medical?


  • General public - How do I get started?

Before you attend ExWell Medical you must first be referred by a medical professional that has access to your medical background

(eg; GP’s/consultants/nurses/physiotherapist/occupational).

Your referral must contain;

  1. Your contact information (phone/email)

  2. Your brief medical history

  3. Your current medication list.

This letter must then be posted or handed into the centre you wish to attend. For a list of our current sites, please see tab 'Our Locations'.

  • Medical professionals - How do I refer my patients?

We accept referrals from any healthcare professional that has access to a patients medical background

(eg; GP’s/consultants/nurses/physiotherapist/occupational therapists/dieticians).

Referrals MUST contain;

1. CONTACT information for the participant (phone/email)

2. Brief medical background

3. Medication list

This referral must then be sent to the relevant site that the participant wishes to attend (please see tab 'Our Locations').

If you would like to use our specific referral form you can download it here:


  • Who do we accept to ExWell Medical?

At ExWell Medical we try to cater for everyone. We believe that everyone can participate to some extent and that any form of exercise will be helpful. We accept all chronically ill participants meaning those with any long term conditions such as heart disease, neuromuscular disease, mental health, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, bowel disease etc.

Sometimes we identify participants who need one-to-one attention in order to participate and we endeavour to provide this assistance. If you require help with personal care whilst you are attending ExWell Medical (such as going to the bathroom, washing, dressing etc) we advise that you bring along a carer/family member/friend to assist you.