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How do I get started with ExWell Medical?

  • We accept referrals from any healthcare professional that has access to your medical background.

  • This referral must be sent to us via email or post. Please click below to find out more information.

Who can attend ExWell?

  • We accept all chronically ill participants meaning those with any long-term conditions such as heart disease, neuromuscular disease, mental health, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, bowel disease etc.

What do we do in the classes?

  • Classes are 45 -50 Minutes in duration & involve a combination of aerobic (walking/cycling/rowing), resistance (using weights), core strength and balance exercises, led by trained instructors.

  • At ExWell, enjoyment and fun are a priority along with safety.

Is it safe to attend classes?

  • All participants to ExWell Medical must be medically referred in order for the team to be aware of their clinical background.

  • All content is medically designed and has medical oversight.

  • As well as this, all ExWell instructors and staff are appropriately trained and experienced with chronically ill participants.

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