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ExWell Health Fair 2024

health fair pic.jpeg
health fair pic.jpeg

Full video including speakers coming soon

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Health Fair 2024


Our second Health Fair took place on Thursday May 30th in the fantastic setting of the TU Dublin (Tallaght) Sports Centre.

What a beautiful occasion it was. Nearly 600 people attended from all over Ireland and there was an overwhelming sense of energy, joy, warmth and celebration throughout the day, which was guided along at a great pace under the watchful eye of Professor Niall Moyna.

We had a wonderful set of 8 short talks in which experts from diverse backgrounds gave very valuable insights into lung disease, alcohol use, exercise for cancer patients, embracing the parkrun, willpower, understanding worry, finding joy in life and getting your exercise in ‘snacks’. These were brilliant talks.

In the participant voice section, chaired by Liam Moggan, we heard truly inspiring stories from 6 ExWell participants who shared their very personal and emotional pathways through illness and how ExWell has provided a setting in which they have found enjoyment, safety, improved health and friendship. The day started with Olivia’s stroke rehabilitation story, told through video, and this set the scene perfectly for the day.

The ExWell choir gave a sensational performance and we heard a stunning rendition of Desiderata by Brogan.


Through it all the most striking feature was the level of energy and engagement from the audience. The questions and comments just kept coming.


All in all it was just exhilarating.

Thank you everyone who helped make the day a success. We are already looking forward to next year!

health fair pic.jpeg
Exwell 30th May  2024 _999.jpg

Health Fair 2023 video

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