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Induction information

This page will explain what to expect when you arrive for your induction. If you have any further questions please click on the FAQ box below.

What to expect during your induction

What is an induction?

An ExWell Medical induction is the first time we get to meet new participants and welcome them into the ExWell community. The induction itself is comprised of an educational talk from one of our ExWell Medical doctors followed by some baseline testing. Below is the step by step breakdown of an induction.

Step 1

Once we receive your referral from your healthcare professional we will contact you when the next induction date is available. This will be done either through text message or via phone call. If you receive a text please reply with your name, yes or no if you can attend and the name of the centre.

Step 2


When you arrive at the centre you will be met by our ExWell Medical team. Please wear comfortable clothing and footware and bring reading glasses if you require them. 

Step 3

Audience and Lecturer

Next, one of our ExWell Medical doctors will speak to you as a group about ExWell Medical, what to expect during the classes and to answer any of your questions

Step 4


You will then be asked to fill out a health questionnaire and consent form.

Step 4

Senior Citizen Exercise Class

To finish you will be asked to take part in some simple baseline fitness tests. This is done so that when we re-test every 3 months you will be able to compare and see your improvement. 


The tests include;

  • 6 minute time trial - to test your cardiovascular capacity.

  • Handgrip test - to measure your upper body strength.

  • 30 secs sit to stand - to measure your lower body strength.

  • A timed up and go test. - standing up and walking around a cone 3 metres in front of you.

  • A duel task test - same as the timed up and go test but with an added cognative test. 

Step 5

Yoga Class

The induction will take approximately 90 minutes in total. Once finished you will be advised of the class times of your centre and you can start attending classes straight away.

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