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One to One Coaching

Exwell Medical is delighted to announce our one to one coaching programme. 

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What's Involved

Our 1-to-1 coaching sessions are designed to meet your specific needs while also taking your fitness levels into consideration.


Our sessions can be taken either in person, in one of our locations or online via zoom. This allowing you to exercise around your daily schedule.


Each exercise programme will be designed to improve your aerobic fitness, strength, balance and most importantly tailored towards your goals.


Step 1

Get in touch by emailing for a free consultation call or send us a message below.

Step 2

After your consultation call, you will conduct an induction assessment at one of our locations.

Step 3

We’ll arrange an orientation session and give you the tools to get started straight away.

Step 4

Each exercise session will be approximately 30 minutes long and guided by an Exwell Instructor.

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