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Help for common issues

  • You can easily change your booking by cancelling the class and booking a new one.

    • How to cancel a class:

    • Log in 

    • Click 'My Diary'

    • Click 'Classes'

    • Click 'Cancel this class' 

    • Click 'Yes'

    • Then book a new class by clicking 'Explore Classes' and follow the steps as outlined in the video above 

Changing/Cancelling my booking

Where are my receipts?

  • Log into your account 

  • Select 'My Account' at the top

  • Click 'My Receipts'

 I cannot log in as it says my email is already in use? 

  • You might be in the 'Sign Up' section instead of 'Log In' section, if this is the case click 'Already a member?

  • Log in here' and enter your emails and site password.

Safety Guidelines

  • You MUST book in online below (if you have not already booked and paid you will NOT be permitted to enter)

  • You MUST arrive on time, please remain in your car if you are early

  • Entry is through the main entrance door and exit is via the doors in the hall

  • Hand sanitiser will be available at all entry and exit points

  • You may choose to use a mask but this is not compulsory if you find any difficulties exercising 

  • Please adhere to all current social distancing, hygiene and coughing/sneezing guidelines as outlined here

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