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ExWell Medical are proud to announce our remote exercise programme offering

Now participants can avail of our services without attending in person. Our services include:



online classes

€5 per class

1-1 support


€60 for month 1 and

€20 each month thereafter



Induction Process

How to be inducted into ExWell Medical.

You will firstly need to send us a referral. This can be from your GP or any other healthcare professional you are seeing. We will need your contact information (address and phone number), a brief medical history and your current medication list on this referral. It can be sent via email to


  • Once we receive your referral, we then call you to fully explain the programme and pricing. If you are happy to proceed you will be asked to pay €50 via the website here.

  • We will then post you an exercise booklet with instructions to complete some simple exercise tests at home.

  • You then will have the choice to attend a live induction webinar with one of our medical doctors or view a pre-recorded video explaining ExWell Medical, the benefits of the programme and some things to consider when participating.

  • We will also send you a video explaining the home fitness assessments which you will complete and send us results via email.

  • Once we receive this information you will receive a call from our doctor who will review your referral and test results ands discuss any questions you might have.

  • You will then receive a 50% discount for 1 month of either our group online classes or our ExWell@Home 1-1 programme.

  • We will check in with you after 4 weeks to see how you are progressing.

  • After 8 weeks we will ask you to complete your home fitness tests again so that we can send a report to your referrer.

Why would I want to be inducted by ExWell Medical?

Some of the benefits of being referred and inducted by us include:

  • 1-1 call from our doctor.

  • We can better prescribe exercises to you individually depending on your medical history.

  • Regular physical assessments to track your well being.

  • Assessment reports will be sent to you and your doctor.

  • You will be able to attend classes at any of our locations when we resume.

  • You will receive a discount to attend online classes.






I have already been inducted by ExWell Medical 

If you have already been inducted by ExWell Medical in the past, we have a variety of group online classes or if you would prefer to not use technology and/or need more individual support, you might be interested in ExWell@Home.

               For online classes the cost is €5 per class.

               Our current online schedule is available here.

               You can request to be reassessed at any point for €10. You will complete strength and aerobic tests at home                   and we will send you and your referring doctor a report explaining the results.


               For information on ExWell@Home click here.


I do not wish to pay for any services

We have a selection of free-to-view classes here. Please consult a GP before commencing any exercise programme to ensure it is safe to do so.

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