Due to the current COVID-19 levels, our in person classes are deferred until further notice (excluding Clontarf & Citywest).


Please continue to stay active and support ExWell by joining in one of our many online classes. We offer a range of both pre-recorded and live Zoom classes. 


Please see below for more info.  

Live & Pre-Recorded Classes 

Live Classes - €5

Live classes will be held via Zoom. Up to a maximum of 30 participants will be allowed in each live class as we hope to be able to give any adaptations as required by individuals. Please book into the classes in the timetable below. Select you day and make sure to select the correct type (standard/advanced/gentle).


You will then get emailed a link that you will click into on the day of the class. You have the choice to turn your camera on or off during the session.

*Please Note* Paying €5 for the live class only allows you entrance for that class - therefore you will NOT have access to see it again. All classes will be recorded and uploaded below where you can pay a further €5 to view it as many times as you like after that.

Standard Class – this is a moderate intensity class that is suited for most individuals and is a good class to start out with. There will be aerobic, resistance, core and balance exercises. The instructor will give ways to make certain exercises easier or harder depending what is comfortable for you.

Gentle Class – this class is mostly chair based and is suitable for individuals who need a lower intensity work out. Aerobic, resistance, core and balance exercises will be given.

Advanced Class – this class is only suitable to those who are able for high intensity exercise. Aerobic, resistance, core and balance exercises will be complete.

Dance - one of our previous participant's Dorothy takes you through a fun way to get your workout done. These classes are suitable for all ability types so make sure you give it a try!

10 Live Classes valid for 3 months - €40

You can pay €40 to access our package of 10 live classes which is valid for 3 months.

To subscribe to this package:

1. Click 'Book Now' on one of the classes in the Live Class schedule below.

2. Fill in your details and ensure that the 'buy a pricing plan' option is ticked and that all the other boxes are ticked as required.

3. Click 'Pay Now'

4. Choose your pricing plan - Click select

5. If you have logged into our Live Classes before then click 'Log In', if you are new to our online classes click 'Sign Up'

6. Fill in your Credit/Debit Card details and your personal details as required, click 'Buy Now'

7. Once you have purchased the package you should receive a confirmation e-mail.

8. The night before you want to do your chosen class go back into 'Online Classes' at the top of our website, scroll down to the class you want to take from the Live Class Schedule and click 'Book Now'.

9. You won't have to pay for that class again as you've already purchased the package plan. Once you have booked the class you will receive a Zoom link for your class.

Here is a video on how to purchase our package plan -













Pre-Recorded Classes - €5


All Zoom classes will be recorded and uploaded to purchase and view. You can purchase and pay for this by following the steps below:

To purchase:

  1. Click 'Watch Now'

  2. Click 'Buy'

  3. If you have not signed in, click 'Already have an account? Sign In'

  4. If you have already signed in click 'Continue'

  5. Input your card details and click 'Buy Now'


Unlimited Pre-Recorded Classes for 1 month - €40

You can also pay €40 to access all pre-recorded videos for 1 month. You will not be able to access the classes live, only when they uploaded afterwards.

To purchase to this package:

1. Click 'purchase for €40/month'

2. Click 'Buy'

3. If you have not signed in, click 'Already have an account? Sign In'

4. If you have already signed in click 'Continue'

5. Input your card details and click 'Buy Now'

We also have a selection of free standard class videos at the bottom of the page.

Here is a video describing the payment process: 


In participating in these classes you are agreeing to the ExWell Medical Terms & Conditions

Class Schedule

Dec 11 - Dec 17















Pre-Recorded Classes 

Sign up/Log in to view and purchase classes here

Free Classes

Help for common issues


Here is a video describing the payment process: 


1. How do I sign up?

Step 1 - click ‘Watch now’

Step 2 - click ’Sign up”

Step 3 - input your email and create a password for this site

Step 4 -check your email for confirmation

2. I cannot log in as it says my email is already in use? 

You might be in the 'Sign Up' section instead of 'Log In' section, if this is the case click 'Already a member? Log in here' and enter your emails and site password.

3. The video is blank when I press play?

We might not be live yet. Please keep refreshing the page. If you continue to have issues, message us on the 'Let's Chat' section.

4. I missed the start of the video

You can pause and rewind the live class at any point. Click the circle and drag along the bar at the bottom of the video.

5. The voice and the actions are out of sync.

Refresh the page and try to rewind the video to see if it will sync as this is an issue with your device loading the content. If it persists we recommend not watching the video live and instead wait until 12pm when it will be released as a pre-recorded video.

6. How do I pay for tomorrows class?

All classes will be available to purchase at least 30 mins before the scheduled time. Therefore it is not always possible to pay too far in advance.

7. What are the terms and conditions for attending classes?

You can find our terms and conditions page by clicking the link at the bottom of the website or clicking here. 

8. How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your monthly subscription at any time in 3 easy steps. 

  1. Log into your account

  2. Click the icon circled

  3. Click ‘Cancel Subscription’

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