ExWell@Home is only available to current ExWell members that have completed an induction at one of our sites. If you have not been inducted please register your interest by emailing your name, date of birth and phone number to homeprogramme@exwell.ie as we hope to provide online inductions in the near future.

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ExWell @ Home

Helping You Stay Fit & Active From Home

ExWell Medical are proud to develop our home exercise programme 'ExWell @ Home'.

It is vital to exercise and keep active as this will increase your ability to withstand and also to recover from illness. The ExWell Home Programme will provide you with information and supports to carry out home-based exercise in and near your home.  The information you need will be available in booklet form and also via video material. 


We will contact you regularly by phone, text and email.  You will receive advice about what exercises to do and how and when to change them.  We will ask you to keep an exercise diary and to let us know how you are getting on.  We will also invite you to stay in touch with other ExWell participants by phone, email and other social media. 


Please check in to the website regularly for updates and advice. 

ExWell@Home Starter Pack

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Follow-on Services

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ExWell @ Home is a sophisticated home exercise programme developed by our expert team,  for people with all types of chronic illnesses.

What will the programme entail?

  • You will receive a guide to self assess your fitness at home, this will give the team an accurate view of your current abilities. 

  • You will then receive a personalised exercise plan with a booklet and diary to log your activity.

  • There will be online videos to help guide you as well as live stream classes to follow along to.

  • You will also receive an activity tracker to record you step counts.

  • Each week, a member of staff will call you to answer any questions you might have and help set attainable goals with you to keep you motivated.  


Frequently Asked Questions

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Where do I pay?

Payment can be made here with debit/credit card.


Is payment the same as donation?

No. The Donate button on the website is for donations only. Payment for the home programme will be clearly marked in the home programme section.


Can I pay over the phone?

Yes, if you call 085 - 2525499 we can receive payment over the phone with your card details.


Is there a couples discount?

Yes – we have a couples offer of €90 for two starter packs.

What if I have been referred but never been inducted?

Please register your interest by emailing your name, date of birth and phone number to homeprogramme@exwell.ie as we will be starting on-line inductions in 2 weeks, on April 20.

What if I have not been referred yet?

We require a referral to be sent from your health care professional (GP / consultant / physiotherapist / other musculoskeletal therapist / occupational therapist) with your brief medical history, medications, contact information and date of birth. This can be emailed to exwellmedical@healthmail.com

What if I do not have an email?

If you do not have an email address, please try and use a relative’s email address if possible. Otherwise, we can post you the booklet and other information and can stay in touch by phone. 


How do I receive the booklet?

Prices include a €5 postage fee. All information will be posted to you, please allow 3-5 working days for delivery.


How long will the programme last?

We will be providing monthly support for the foreseeable future. We hope to maintain this service even when group classes resume in order to facilitate those who cannot access classes.


What if I have a complaint?

We are always anxious to get your feedback, including about situations where you have a concern or a complaint. We will do our best to address issues of concern as quickly as possible.  Please If email homeprogramme@exwell.ie or call us at 085 - 2525499.


Is there medical support?

You will be supported throughout by our trained ExWell Team. If you have a specific medical query, we will organise for our ExWell Doctor to contact you over the phone.