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Useful Information


How do I get started with ExWell Medical?

We accept referrals from any healthcare professional that has access to your medical background (eg; doctors /nurses /physiotherapist /occupational therapists /dieticians).

Referrals MUST contain;

  1. Your contact information (phone/email)

  2. Your brief medical background

  3. Your medication list

This referral must then be sent to the relevant site that the participant wishes to attend.

For a referral form please see the 'Join Us' tab.

Who can attend ExWell?

At ExWell Medical we try to cater for everyone. We believe that everyone can participate to some extent and that any form of exercise will be helpful. We accept all chronically ill participants meaning those with any long term conditions such as heart disease, neuromuscular disease, mental health, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, bowel disease etc.

Sometimes we identify participants who need one-to-one attention in order to participate and we endeavour to provide this assistance. If you require help with personal care whilst you are attending ExWell Medical (such as going to the bathroom, washing, dressing etc) we advise that you bring along a carer/family member/friend to assist you.

How much does ExWell Medical cost?

ExWell Medical is a social enterprise, not-for profit company limited by guarantee. There is a modest fee for each class you attend. Please contact your local centre for further details.

What do we do in the classes?

Classes are 1 hour in duration and involve a combination of aerobic (walking/cycling/rowing), resistance (using weights), core strength and balance exercises, led by trained instructors. If any participant has specific requirements we can accommodate this. 
After each class, tea/coffee is served to encourage social interaction between participants. At ExWell, enjoyment and fun are a priority along with safety.

Is it safe to attend classes?

All participants to ExWell Medical must be medically referred in order for the team to be aware of their clinical background. All content is medically designed and has medical oversight which means that a physician is available in person for some classes. As well as this, all ExWell instructors and staff are appropriately trained and experienced with chronically ill participants.

Is my progress measured?

Before anyone attends ExWell Medical classes, an induction takes place whereby baseline assessments of fitness, strength and quality of life are recorded. These assessments are repeated regularly in order to track progression, with the results reported to the participant and their physician.

Does ExWell provide home based exercise programmes?

ExWell Medical provides a remotely supervised home-based option for people who cannot attend one of the ExWell Medical centres. For more information please contact santry@exwell.ie.